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A Tribute to Pegasus Mail

The Best Mail User Agent in the Entire Known Universe

Pegasus, the winged horsePegasus Mail is unarguably the best mail program for end users. Ever. It has the richest features, the most flexibility, the lowest cost, and possibly the highest loyalty amongst users of all the mail programs "out there". I was motivated to create the Marketing of Pegasus Mail page after some discussion on the Pegasus Mail Mailing List. It was felt that as good as Pegasus Mail is, not enough people know about it. Dario Truglio offered up a large ASCII Art picture of Pegasus Mail and that started the ball rolling.

I won't get into an exhaustive support page for Pegasus Mail. That's already been done, and by much better Webmeisters than myself. I'll point you at some of the more popular sites, and then get on with the Pegasus Mail Marketechture.

Buttons, logos and signatures

Pegasus Mail ButtonsLooking for a button to place on your own Web page, or want a spiffy ASCII signature for the bottom of your e-mail? Check out the Marketing of Pegasus Mail page. If you too feel that Pegasus Mail could use a boost please contribute a logo, signature, slogan or button to help market Pegasus Mail.


Pegasus Mail ToolbarsOne of the things that makes Pegasus Mail great is the degree of customization that's possible. With version 3.x this has extended to the toolbar. On the Toolbars page you can lift one of several toolbars designed by others, or learn to roll your own.


Pegasus Mail BitmapPart of making a toolbar is selecting a bitmap graphic. In addition to the standard bitmaps listed in the Pegasus Mail documentation, there are a large number of other bitmap resources in Pegasus Mail. The Bitmaps page enumerates them all.

^ Popular Pegasus Mail Sites

Downloading Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail Information

Pegasus Mail Add-on Software

In this page: [Popular Sites]

Related pages: [Marketing] [Toolbars] [Bitmaps]

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