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Pegasus Mail

Bitmaps for Toolbars

Pegasus Mail  Official Home PageThere have been a number of requests on the Pegasus Mail ing list for additional bitmap images that could be used for custom toolbars. It seems there are a large number of images available right within Pegasus Mail itself that could be used, but that have not been listed in the BPANEL.TXT file. I have extracted the bitmaps that I could find in WINPMAIL.EXE v3.01b, and listed them here -- the numbers correspond to the resource ID in the executable file. There is no guarantee that the same bitmap resource IDs will be used in future versions of Pegasus Mail, nor is there any guarantee that this page is accurate. Use at your own risk.

In addition to the bitmaps suitable for a toolbar, there are a number of others that could be much too large. I'm listing them here anyway, just for the sake of completeness. Note that all the bitmaps illustrated have been enlarged. I'd like to claim that I did this for clarity, but it's just how LView creates contact sheets...

The sizes listed here appear to include a one-pixel border. The BPANEL.TXT file claims that a standard toolbar bitmap is 22x20 pixels, but I measured them at 24x22. The border may be for the "pop-up" effect as the mouse cursor crosses the bitmaps...

^ Standard Toolbar Bitmaps (24x22 pixels)

The standard toolbar bitmap is 22x20 pixels (24x22 pixels as measured). These are the ones listed in BPANEL.TXT. It's nice to have a visual to go along with the description...

^ Other 24x22 Pixel Bitmaps

Other 24x22 bitmaps

^ Small Bitmaps (less than 20x24 pixels)

Small bitmaps (less than 20x24)

^ 20x24 Pixel Bitmaps

These might still fit on a toolbar -- experiment and find out!

20x24 Pixel Bitmaps

^ 26x31 Pixel Bitmaps

26x31 Pixel Bitmaps

^ 54x20 Pixel Bitmaps

You know, I don't recall seeing many of these in the program...

54x20 Pixel Bitmaps

^ Miscellaneous Odd Sizes

Miscellaneous Odd Sized Bitmaps

^ Pegasus Mail Splash Screen Bitmap

Pegasus Mail Splash Screen Bitmap


In this page: [Standard Toolbar] [Other 24x22] [Small] [20x24] [26x31] [54x20] [Miscellaneous] [Splash]

Related pages: [Marketing] [Toolbars] [Bitmaps]

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