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Nursery Rhymes

Hoedje van Papier

^ Rhyme

Een twee drie vier

Hoedje van, hoedje van...

Een twee drie vier

Hoedje van papier

Is er dan geen hoedje meer

Maak er een van bordpapier

Een twee drie vier

Hoedje van papier.

One two three four

Little hat of, little hat of...

One two three four

Little hat of paper

Is there no longer a hat

Then make one from cardboard

One two three four

Little hat of paper.

^ E-mail

Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 23:27:10 +0100
From: Co Koek <[email protected]>
Organization: Stichting Educatie door Informatie en Communicatie Technologie
To: [email protected]
Subject: Musical graphics
Dear Bob,
Your site is quite amusing.
We live in Holland and know most of your nursery rhymes. We don't know
their history or the musical notes. But my girl friend (from Friesland)
sang one for you and your little Willem. We hope you like it.

With friendly greetings

Co Koek
Ypie Veenstra

^ Song

Listen to Hoedje van Papier

Listen to "Hoedje van Papier" sung by Ypie Veenstra
(hoedje.mp3, 17 sec, 261 Kbytes)

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Song courtesy of Ypie Veenstra and Co Koek