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Works in progress

These "Instrumentation, Automation and Integration tools for GroupWise" were developed to simplify my GW administration tasks. They are written as MS-DOS batch files launched periodically by Windows Task Scheduler. All tools are based on AWK scripts -- I use GAWK from The GNU Operating System by the Free Software Foundation. A Windows version of GAWK is available from the GnuWin32 project.

Before I publish these tools to the Open Source community it is necessary to make them more generic, i.e. remove all hard-coded references to specific server names and folder paths, and provide these as elements in a configuration file. It would also be good to combine the batch files and AWK scripts into a single executable application. I'm considering re-writing these tools in either PERL (for that language's suitability to file parsing and its similarity to AWK), or PYTHON (because it's a cool language and this a perfect excuse for me to learn it).

Instrumentation, Automation and Integration tools for GroupWise

Common AWK scripts and libraries