Adjusting the Microphone Input Volume

Sometimes in a voice chat session your voice just doesn't carry well, and other people can't hear you. Turning up the volume bar just raises the sound you hear yourself. You need to adjust the Microphone input volume. These examples use Yahoo! Messenger but the instructions also apply to any other voice chat application.

First, open the volume controls. Find the volume control icon in the system tray:

System tray, showing the volume control

and right-click on it:

System tray, right-click on volume control

Click on "Open Volume Controls":

Volume Control

Next, click on "Options":

Volume Control, Options menu

and click on "Properties":

Volume control, Properties screen

Click on "Recording", then click on "OK":

Recording control, showing Microphone volume

Make sure there is a checkmark in the "Select" box for the microphone, and adjust the slider to get a good volume.  Also, click on "Advanced":

Advanced controls for Microphone

Make sure that there is a check mark beside "20 dB boost". Note that not all sound cards make this option available.